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History of Pacific Green

In the early 1900’s vast coconut palm plantations spread through the South Pacific. Later abandoned, these plantations were the birthplace of our iconic style. In 1973, Post & Rail Furniture (the forerunner to Pacific Green) was born in Australia. Palmwood® which is as strong as conventional hardwood is the consumer-oriented product that resulted from a series of research breakthroughs that enhanced both the durability and versatility of our raw Palmwood® material.

To the mix is added Full-grain Italian Leather, Hand Cast Egyptian Bronze, Brazilian Bovine Hides and the finest Latex, HDFoam & Down. The result is World Class Quality.

Our Global Markets

Although residential application was the principal market objective, the inherent design, engineering and construction quality has resulted in both residential & commercial applications world-wide.

Introduced to the world by Pierce Brosnan in 1997, Pacific Green is now employed commercially in such places as …

* Tribes Restaurant, Dubai, UAE
* Merrimans Restaurant, Hawaii
* Peter Lik Galleries world-wide
* Meat & Wine Restaurant, Sydney, Australia
* Reef Island, Bahrain
* Outrigger Resort, Fiji Islands
* Shangri-La Fijian Resort
* Ledera Del Mar, Costa Rica

… the list goes on.

Our Domestic Market

Tribal Luxury Furniture provides a range of products from the stunning catalogue ranges to custom furniture items to architectural & commercial design.
Our products have achieved International Acclaim with starring roles at the prestigious Milan Salon in Italy and the Shanghai World Fair. Recognition has been well-earnt. It’s your turn to experience exceptional quality & style.
Welcome home a true Australian success story.

Be part of it.
Fall in love with it.
Let us make you feel as special as you are.

Tribal Rain Forest Creations & Photographic Fine Art

After a career in science Bernd Becker discovered his passion for vertical gardens. He is the founder and principal designer for BelAqua. Now part of Tribal Style Gallery, Bernd develops unique Rain Forest Creations & Vertical Gardens in association with Tribal CEO Tom Harris. A wide range of Residential and Architectural designs are available to add WOW factor to your project.

Michael Harris Photography:
Michael conducts Photographic Expeditions globally, bringing his artistry to a growing audience of astute collectors. Based in Nowra NSW, he features Australian Landscapes extensively amongst his body of works. Each of his photographic works are truly collectable. An absolute production ceiling of 50 Limited Editions world wide equates to exclusivity. Collectors Editions are restricted to 5 copies world wide. Original Photographs are the pinnacle of collectable fine art photography - POA.

Michael Harris Fine Art Photography & BelAqua Rain Forest Creations ...